Tent Fixtures


Types Available :

  • 1-Ton Concrete

  • 1-Ton Water Tank

  • Half-Ton Water Tank

  • 180-kg Round Concrete Weight

  • 120-kg Cubic Concrete

  • 80-kg Steel Weight

  • 20-kg Metal Weight


  • Canvas / Lining Cover: Available in White



Doors are necessary in air-conditioned tents. Seng Heng provides two type of doors; single doors and double-doors. While double doors are preferred for its ease of entering and exiting tents, single doors are generally more suitable for smaller tents.

Types Available:

  • Double-door

  • Single-door


Air Curtain

Air curtains can be an alternative to doors for air-conditioned tents.

Width: 4ft

Placement height: optimally at 8-10ft


Flooring & Carpet

Flooring is particularly useful in the event of ponding due to substantial rainfall, as it elevates your guests and furniture away from ground-level. Adding carpet to flooring is optional, but highly recommended to create a more grandeur feel to the event.


Inner Lining

Inner lining are drapes hanging across the ceiling of tents. They are powerful in delivering cosmetic effects, by concealing underlying metallic structures, cables and lightings(ceiling). As such, by concealing these elements, one can effectively enhance the grandeur as well as aesthetics of the event. Colours available in white and black.

Special Add-ons

Deco-drapes are also available in red / blue / gold / black (on request)